When the Bible says “I’m a Christian,” it’s often the Bible’s “only hope”

What you need to know about the Bible and how it’s interpreted.1:25 A new book has made headlines in Australia, and it may be the only Bible in the world to offer an honest look at its interpretation of the Bible.

Aace Educational Services (AESA) has released a book called How to Be a Christian, which tells students and parents how to understand the words of the Christian Bible.

“It’s really a really important book to get a good understanding of the faith and the faith-based worldview of the New Testament,” AESA’s director of education, Dr Anne-Marie O’Neill, said.

“We are really trying to make sure people understand what it is that the New Testaments really say.”

Ms O’Neil said AESA was keen to provide students with a deeper understanding of what the New Tests say.

“The New Testament is the oldest surviving Bible, it’s the oldest book in the English language, and the Newtestaments are all the same, so it’s very interesting to be able to compare them,” she said.

Read moreAACE’s book was first published in 2009, and is available to read online or at bookshops across the country.

“I think the people who are most interested in reading this book are really people who have a good idea of what Christianity is and why it’s important,” Ms O’Nell said.

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