‘We had a good time’ as students at French university go home

Students at a French university have gone home after a year of work as part of a three-week strike over their pay.

The students at St Évora’s College of Education in Paris said the strike started at 5am on Saturday and continued until 7pm on Monday.

They were protesting against the amount of money they had been paid by the school’s governing body.

A number of the students were suspended, some with no warning and others with no pay for three weeks, the school said in a statement on Facebook.

“The strike was very positive,” the statement said.

“We had good times during the strike and we were able to do the school some good in this way.”

The strike comes just weeks after a strike by teachers and staff of the University of Geneva in Switzerland, which lasted seven days.

The strike has been described as a “workers’ movement” by the French unions.

Stévora-Auberge de la Société de Législation et de Lutte-Île (ASSEL), the union which represents the teachers, said the workers’ strike was peaceful and that it was peaceful to the end.

“It’s a new beginning.

We’re very happy with this.

We will be working with our students,” ASSEL general secretary Christiane Périaux said on Twitter.

She added that the strike would be extended for another three weeks.

St Évorains students have been protesting for a number of months over the minimum salary they receive for their work in the teaching profession.

They have been calling for the teachers’ union to renegotiate their terms of employment and their pay package.