Watchdog: State of the art facilities for the elite sports

Watchdog group GBO Educational Services (GBOES) is warning of “serious” shortcomings at the state’s leading education system in an audit of state schools.

The GBOES audit, which examined state schools, found the State Board of Education (SBOE) is “a dysfunctional, incompetent and dysfunctional organisation”.

GBOE said in a statement it had been alerted to “serious deficiencies” in “the provision of education services to pupils in the state” in its annual review of the state schools and the state board of education.

“This includes serious deficiencies in the provision of a range of services to students, including the provision, monitoring and accountability of school outcomes,” it said.

The state’s schools have been under increasing scrutiny in recent years with a number of cases of poor outcomes and poor results in recent months being blamed on state schools chief teacher and the former head of the NSW Teachers’ Federation, Karen Rafferty.

But the GBOE says the system has “lacked governance, oversight and accountability”, with some students being “bribed to attend schools they did not want”.

The audit also highlighted “serious shortcomings in the operation and maintenance of school buildings” and the “administrative oversight” of the schools.

The audit revealed the number of schools in NSW in poor condition and with “severe deficiencies” compared to “better maintained” schools.

“The number of children enrolled at the current level of schooling is very low and will be much lower in the future, particularly if the State Government does not undertake the necessary measures to ensure that children are well cared for,” it noted.GBOEs report also found that “the school system in NSW has significant underfunding”.

The organisation also noted the state was “overwhelmed with enrolments”, with schools “in a severe state of disrepair”.

The State Board has a staff of only 14 staff.