Valde County schools to hire $2M teacher after teen suicide: Report

VANDEN HEUVEL, Texas – VANDETÓN, Texas — The County School District announced Monday it will hire an additional two teachers to fill the positions.

Amber McBride and Jennifer Larkin are replacing Lisa St. George, who is retiring after 30 years.

Larkin was a senior mathematics teacher at the school for five years, and St. Georges five-year tenure was the longest of any teacher in the district.

St. George was the first teacher to be hired by the district in its history, according to the district, which hired McBride to take over her position.

She was appointed as an associate teacher at Northside Elementary in April.

The district also announced it will start hiring a new English teacher, and it is hiring a substitute teacher to fill in for St.

Geralds retirement.

The new hires join a staff of more than 100, including educators from the local high school, elementary schools and middle schools.

Larksen and St-Gerald were married in June, and they have two sons.

They are also expecting their first child, a boy.