Two Israelis to receive death sentence over West Bank arson attack

An Israeli man and a Palestinian woman will be sentenced on Wednesday to death for setting fire to Palestinian houses and other structures in the occupied West Bank, a court in the southern city of Nablus said.

The court said the two, both from the village of Kfar Nablum, had set fire to a Palestinian home and a car, injuring three people, including a toddler.

A preliminary hearing on the charges was held in a court on Thursday.

Khalil Shabtai, 34, and Mohammad Shabtan, 38, were arrested last year in a series of arson attacks that killed three people and injured at least 10 others, including an 11-year-old boy.

The pair were indicted by a military court last year, but the case was dismissed.

Israel says the attacks are politically motivated.

A lawyer for Shabton said the men were not responsible for the arson but that the Palestinian firebrand’s father had warned them that they would face the death penalty.

The couple were released from jail on Friday after the court decided to hold a hearing on their sentences, the lawyer, Naim El-Qadi, said.

An Israeli military court has acquitted a Palestinian man in a Jerusalem attack last year.

He was sentenced to death in April by a court of appeals, but later released.

(Reuters)A court in Nablu convicted the man of arson for the attack in the eastern part of the West Bank last April, and sentenced him to death.

He is appealing the decision.

On Friday, the Supreme Court of Justice ruled that the trial court in charge of investigating the attacks did not have the authority to issue a ruling on the verdict.