The next big thing in education: Fox News

AACE Educational Services, a free online video educational service for families, is looking for a full-time web developer to work on its new, free, online video-based curriculum.

The service is available now for free to parents of children age 3-17, but a number of parent-friendly websites are offering free classes for their children to learn about science, math, technology, engineering and math.

Fox News reports that AACE, a company that provides education programs for children, will be opening a new program on March 2, where parents can enroll their children in a program of science, technology and engineering (STEM) enrichment and programming.

The new AACE curriculum is being developed with support from the University of California at Davis.

Fox’s report comes on the heels of the announcement that Google is launching a free curriculum in partnership with The Discovery Channel.

The Discovery Channel recently announced a partnership with Google to create a free and open online video course for parents.

The company’s free program, called Discovery Now, is available for kids age 6-12 and has more than 100 videos available for free.

Fox reports that a new free class called The Learning Annex, will provide children with an introduction to the sciences through videos from AACE and other educational providers.

AACE also plans to begin offering an online educational resource for parents, called Science Matters, to offer lessons about science and technology to their children.

The Learning Annex will offer more than 200 lessons and activities, as well as interactive lessons for parents who can’t attend class.