Redwood education services: Students are able to access their documents online ahead of the start of class

Students and teachers from Redwood Elementary School were able to view their school’s documents online earlier this week after the state Department of Education approved the school district’s new curriculum for kindergarten through third grade.

The documents are being sent out on a rolling basis to teachers via the school’s website.

The documents are not in print yet, but the Redwood school district has said they are being reviewed and approved to be sent out to teachers in the coming days.

The Redwood Education Services Board has been working with the school system to ensure that teachers are able access their school documents, a spokesman said.

The district said in a statement that it is working with state education officials to ensure the new curriculum works as intended and meets expectations for teaching, learning and learning outcomes.

The school district also announced the closure of the district’s traditional classroom during the school year and a new online program for teachers.

The district said that, in light of the new education program, teachers will be able to see their classroom documents on the district website and they can access those documents through the district computer system.

A special session of the Red, Blue and Green districts was called to consider the school board’s new education proposal.

The proposed curriculum for the third grade is similar to the curriculum approved in June by the state.

Redwood’s third-grade curriculum is also similar to a similar program approved by the district last year.

The board of education has approved the Red’s curriculum for fourth grade.

The board is set to consider it again this fall.