More than 30,000 veterans will receive medical assistance with VA benefits

BOSTON — As the VA tries to recover from the catastrophic impact of the coronavirus pandemic, a new program to help veterans get medical care at local hospitals has been created by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

The Veterans Affairs Medical Assistance Program will help veterans pay for health care at hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and other locations.

The program, which began this week, was created by VA Secretary Dr. David Shulkin to address rising costs at hospitals and clinics that are being overwhelmed by patients, Shulkins office said in a statement.

“These hospitals are the backbone of our country’s health care system,” Shulke said in the statement.

“When our hospitals are overwhelmed, our people are at risk.

We can help these veterans get better care.”

Veterans Affairs officials say the number of veterans seeking care in the VA system has more than doubled in the past two weeks, and the agency is working to expand its network of doctors and other health care providers.

But many of those who seek care in VA facilities have not received care at home because of costs.

The new program was created to make sure vets have access to healthcare services they need.