Kempker Educational Services, Inc. gets $1.5B from Alibaba Group

Posted May 03, 2019 07:09:10Kempker Education Services, LLC, the largest provider of education technology solutions for high school students in the U.S., announced it has received a $1 billion financing commitment from Alibaba.

The funding will go toward expanding Kemper’s global operations.CEO Mike Kempkers company announced today the new funding, which will be in addition to the $500 million previously committed by Kempers parent company, Kempkins Corporation.

Kempkers parent, Keppkins, Inc., is the largest U.K.-based private equity firm with a stake in Kempkin.

The company will continue to grow and expand Kempki education services worldwide, said Kempks CEO.

Kempkins will also retain a majority of the company’s current management team and will continue the development of its cloud-based, multi-site K-12 and online K-4 teaching platform.

The company’s platform will provide educators across the globe with high quality, interactive, and high-quality learning experiences, KeMPkers CEO said.

Keppkins is also in the process of integrating its high-performing cloud-classroom learning platforms with Kempkeys high-end virtual classroom platform, the Keppkiser, for classroom training and certification.

Keppkes new K-6 platform will also be used to create a global curriculum and certification platform for teaching students in a variety of disciplines, including K-5.

The Keppker Education Platforms will be available through the companys new platform, which is expected to launch in 2019.

Keampers K-7 platform will be made available by 2019.