How to use the search function on Apple apps

Apple has added a few new search functions to the App Store in the latest version of its iOS app store, but users of the software haven’t been happy with the result.

The app store’s new search feature, called ‘Search in All App Categories,’ allows users to search for an app’s “content, design, design specifications, and/or features” on any app in any category.

This means that users of Apple’s apps like GarageBand and GarageBand Pro can now search for music, photos, and video.

“Search in ALL App Categories” was a welcome addition to Apple’s app store back in the days when the company wasn’t offering any of its own apps.

In the past, users of its iBooks apps would have to search in a specific category for specific apps.

Apple has also added “search in all” to the “App Store Search” function.

While “search” was the first of these features to make its way into the app store in the new version, the latter two new functions were added to Apple apps in a somewhat convoluted way.

First, “search all” allows users of a specific app to search the App Catalog for all of the apps in the category.

For example, if a user of GarageBand searches the AppCatalog for “GarageBand,” and the user then selects “Search GarageBand,” the search result will include all of Garageband’s apps.

This feature works for the first time on the Apple TV app store as well.

Secondly, “Search in all apps” allows a user to search any category for any app.

In this case, a user could search for “Video Games” for any game in the “Video category” and then select “Search Games,” the app will return all games in the Video category.

Third, “Google Search in All Apps” allows the user to see a list of all of Apple Apps that have “searchable” content.

For instance, if the user searches for “iBooks” and the “iBook App Search” feature is turned on, the user can see a map of all iBooks in the AppStore.

Users of the Apple Music app, Apple’s music streaming service, will also be able to search within the “Google Music” category, but the user will only see results for content that is in the Google Music app.

In Apple’s App Catalog, users will see an “All Apps” section.

In the “All apps” section, they can also see search results for any of the “all apps” categories.

If the user is searching for an Apple TV game, for example, they will see the results for all apps in “Apple TV Game Store” and “Apple Game Store.”

If the search results are limited to the categories of “iCloud and iWork,” users can also view search results in the app catalog for apps in these categories.

For all of these searches, Apple has a search bar, which sits at the top of the search bar.

Users can also “edit” a search result by clicking on the “Edit Search” button, which will change the search field to a custom filter.

If the “Add Search” option is selected, Apple will add the new results to the list and then update the search title in the search dialog.