How to learn more about the new Hearthstone card packs

A new Hearthstone Card Pack is being released on March 2nd for the Americas region.

The packs contains 25 different cards with a new look and a different look and feel to them.

This means there will be a variety of different decks in the Americas.

We’ve been getting the cards out and playing the games, and have noticed that many of the cards have been quite strong.

We’re also seeing a lot of fun new gameplay and interesting combinations, and I hope to share some of that with you soon.

The cards are: Astrid the Huntress – Hero Power: Give all your minions +2/+2.

Battlecry: Deal 2 damage to a random enemy minion.

Astride the Hist – Hero power: Give your minions Battlecry and Taunt.

Battlerage: +2 Attack and +2 Health.

Aya Blackmoore – Hero ability: Summon a 2/1 Sheep.

Battlecrack: Deal 3 damage to all enemies.

Alyssa Aran – Hero Ability: Give a minion +2 Durability.

Battlefury: +1 Attack.

Ayla Black-Eye – Hero Effect: Deal 1 damage.

Battleforged Brewmaster – Hero effect: Summon an 8/8 Boar.

Azzanoth the Hollow – Hero hero power: Summon two 1/1 Whelps.

Arrogant Scientist – Hero buff: Summon 2/2 Goblin Whelps with Taunt and +1 Health.

Battlebonded Golem – Hero Quest: Discover a minion with Tainted Armor and +5 Attack.

Battlecage of the Arcane – Hero quest: Summon 4/4 Skeletons.

Beastmaster Daelin – Hero upgrade: Give each friendly minion +3 Attack.

Bladewind – Hero minion: Deal 4 damage.

Breakneck Charge – Hero spell: Summon 3/3 Treants.

Brave the Elements – Hero Upgrade: Give the minions Attack and Health equal to their Health.

Brightflame Technician – Hero Battlecry, Quest: Draw 2 cards.

Broken Sword – Hero card: Deal 5 damage to an enemy.

Brawler’s Rage – Hero Hero Power, Quest, Quest Card: Give +2 Armor to all minions.

Cairne Bloodhoof – Hero Cost: Taunt, +2Attack, +1Health.

Cast Out – Hero, Quest Hero Power.

Captured Courier – Hero Taunt: Give one random minion +1/+1.

Cenarius the Unyielding – Hero Deathrattle: Summon one 1/2 Treant with Tame and +3Attack.

Champion of the Parish – Hero Spell: Give three random minions +3/+3.

Cogmaster’s Blessing – Hero Epic card: Summon three 1/3 Spirit Wolves with Taming.

Coldlight Oracle – Hero summon: Summon 5/5 2/3 Twilight Whelps, Deathrattles, and Taunts.

Coldsnap Warden – Hero Summon: Give 2/5 Murlocs with Taunts and +4 Health.

Darkscale Healer – Hero Enchant: Summon 1/5 Taunt minions.

Dark Peddler – Hero Equip: Give 4/5 3/5 Battlecry minions.

Death Knight Ragnaros the Firelord – Hero Minion: Battlecry & +1Attack.

Deathstrike – Hero Charge: Deal 6 damage.

Defile the Grave – Hero Adventure: Give 3/4 Deathrays with Deathrances.

Defiled Foe – Hero Potion: Restore 5 Health to your hero.

Dredge Fishing Shack – Hero Follower: Taunts for 2.

Dr. Boom – Hero Card: Deal 8 damage to one enemy minion each turn.

Earth Elemental – Hero Basic attack: Summon four 2/4 Elementals.

Enrage – Hero Action: Give four 2-Cost minions +1Durability.

Ethereal Arcanist – Hero Heroic: Summon 10/10 Elemental Spirit Wolves.

Earth Shock – Hero Encounter: Deal 7 damage to ALL enemy minions.

Elemental Destruction – Hero Trap: Summon 7/7 2-cost Elementals with Tamed.

Eredar Ascendancy – Hero Class Quest: Give two random minions Deathrides and Tamed, +4 Durability, and +0 Attack.

Elwynn the Windrunner – Hero Mech: Taunting: Give an enemy minion +4 Attack and Tame.

Ember Spirit – Hero Mage: Summon 8/9 Spirit Wolves that cost (2) less.

Evil Twin – Hero Ultimate: Give this minion +5/+5.

Farseer – Hero Lore: Tribute 2 minions with Tames.

Felguard Dragonhawk – Hero Weapon: Deal 10 damage to the enemy hero.

Feral Spirit – Quest: Summon six 3/2 Beast minions with Charge.

Fiery War Axe – Hero Legendary: Give any minion +6/+6.

Fissure Trap – Hero Gadget: Summon five 3/1 Taunts with Charge and +6 Attack.

Fungal Growth – Hero Food: Give another random