How to help with Marvin’s Education Services’ crisis

More than 2,300 families in southern Queensland are now facing a shortage of essential services such as food and water, after a massive fire ripped through a remote community.

Key points:Marvin’s Education Service (MES) has been operating for four years with no staff for over three yearsIt was shut down in August, but has since reopened and now provides essential services to more than 3,200 studentsThe organisation has been forced to close more than 1,000 schools after the devastating fireMarvin is the second largest community in the Southern Queensland region with an estimated population of nearly 6,000 peopleThe Queensland government said it was taking action to address the crisis, which has caused an estimated loss of more than $400 million to the local economy.

In a statement, the State Government said it would be closing more than 200 schools, including at least three schools in the south of the state, as part of a “full range of measures” to address concerns about safety.

It said the closure was in response to a request by the local authority and the Queensland Rural Fire Service.

“We are working closely with local authorities to address this situation,” the statement said.

“The closure of the schools will ensure students, staff and families are protected during this difficult time.”

The State Government is asking the community to continue to contact MES and other local services for support and advice.

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