How to give away your free digital library

Some of the world’s most prestigious universities are now using their vast digital libraries to help students in need.

On Saturday, Cambridge University, the University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, Oxford University and Imperial College London announced a partnership to share the digital libraries of the universities.

According to the University’s Digital Libraries Strategy, the partnership aims to improve the quality of research and to help improve access to the online resources.

It also includes a scholarship scheme, with the money going to support students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The strategy said:”We are proud to be working with the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge to increase access to these digital resources and to promote and support their students in this vital process.

The University of Reading is also a partner and will work closely with the University to develop a strategy to help more students benefit from their digital resources.”

The move comes as universities across the world have been grappling with rising data demands and rising demand for higher education.

On Friday, the US Department of Education said its colleges would not be able to afford to provide the free education of its students for the rest of this year.

In the UK, the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) is seeking to raise the standard of free higher education for all students, while the government is also investigating the impact of Brexit on higher education funding.