How to get your child vaccinated with the best news and info for parents

Parents are increasingly choosing to vaccinate their kids, according to a survey of 1,000 parents.

The survey by Merck Sharp & Wesson, a pharmacy chain, found that the number of parents who are vaccinating their children has doubled since last year, from 14 percent to 25 percent.

That’s largely because of increased vaccine coverage and the popularity of vaccinations as a public health issue.

In 2016, just 12 percent of parents said they were vaccinating children, according a Merck survey conducted last fall.

The latest Merck study comes as lawmakers are considering bills to require vaccines for every child in the country, an idea that was championed by Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and California Rep. Barbara Lee.

The bill, introduced in the U.S. House, is not likely to be heard by the Senate, which has not taken up the legislation.

Merck also surveyed 1,084 parents who said they have a child who is at high risk for catching measles and mumps.

More than half of the parents said their children were vaccinated during their last visit, and the majority of parents are not vaccinated for a specific vaccine.

Some parents said it was easier to vaccine their kids when the bills were on the table, such as a requirement that parents get their kids vaccinated.

For those parents, the survey found, the biggest challenge is choosing the right vaccine, said Merck spokeswoman Lauren Karp.

Parents who want to vaccinaare more likely to choose a booster vaccine, she said.

The majority of those surveyed said the most challenging part of getting vaccinated was the cost.

The average cost for a measles vaccine is $6.98, the Merck poll found.

The vaccine is currently available for about $750 a dose.