How to find out if you’re disabled

Disability services are available in some remote communities, including remote Arnhem Land.

The Government has launched a new website for people to find information on how to access services.

The Government has announced a $5 million fund to help remote communities provide more accessible services to people with disabilities.

In the meantime, people in remote communities can look out for the signs of a disability to make sure they’re getting the right assistance, such as a mobile phone, hearing aid or assistive technology.

Read more: “If someone is found to be disabled, the Government will ensure that they get a full range of support,” Acting Assistant Minister for Disability and Disability Access, David O’Sullivan, said.

“For people who need a bit of extra help, it may be helpful to check out the Government’s online accessibility website and check the availability of services on the website.”

The website will also help people to check their eligibility for certain services and assist them in finding an accommodation.

“In addition to disability services, there are also specialist disability-specific services available, such a GP, a social worker, or a specialist counsellor.

There are also services to assist with the rehabilitation process, including vocational rehabilitation and support services.

There are a range of services available to help people with a range in their life, including the Australian Government’s National Disability Strategy.

A disability support officer will be in remote Aboriginal communities throughout the year, providing advice on how best to support people with various disability conditions, including autism.

People with disabilities can also apply for disability support on the Disability Support Network, a free, confidential service for people with mental and physical disabilities.