How to find out if your school is in Ohio

Ohio’s school district has launched a website that allows students to search for the schools in their community, even if they have no idea which one is in their district.

Schools can also check whether their district is a charter school, a charter or district.

The site also allows students in the same community to find school information for teachers, counselors, administrators, and staff.

It can help them learn about the curriculum, curriculum planning, and the school district’s website.

The website is being developed by Ohio Public Schools’ Education and Career Services, which has the state’s largest number of charter schools.

School leaders and parents have praised the initiative.

They say it helps them find schools that are accessible to their students.

But some say the effort to locate school information online is not necessary.

“We want to make sure that our students have access to information that is appropriate and accurate, and that they have access,” said Chris Pritchard, executive director of the Columbus Area Chamber of Commerce.

Pritchard and other officials have voiced concerns about the potential for students to misuse the information, which can be used to obtain more expensive private school tuition.

Some say the online search is not very accurate.

The new website, called SchoolLink, has not been officially launched by the Ohio Department of Education.

However, it was recently approved by the Department of Finance and Legislative Services.

SchoolLink was designed to help students locate their schools online, said David Schmitz, director of educational technology for Ohio Public School System.

It allows students and parents to enter a school name and school district name.

The search will return results that include information such as school name, district name, enrollment, and student name.

School Link also provides a list of schools that may be eligible for federal financial aid and an option for students and their parents to report any discrepancies in information.

It also allows parents to set up a profile on the site and review information about students, teachers, administrators and other staff.

It will be up to the Ohio Secretary of Education to decide whether the program is a success or failure, said Schmitlz.

He said the goal is to ensure students have the information they need to complete their studies and be able to find a school that fits their needs.

Some schools in the area are not in Ohio, including the Cleveland Public Schools.

Schmits said the information will be available to students in Ohio and other states that use the system.