How the Secret Service plans to handle the Trump administration’s plan to overhaul education and the US military

The Secret Service is set to start reviewing the future of its role in the U.S. military, the White House announced Wednesday.

The plan to reform the agency will require a significant investment in personnel and technology.

The new plan will also be overseen by the Secret Services Director, the Pentagon announced Wednesday morning.

The Secret Service said in a statement that the plan to expand its presence in the military will require an investment in staffing and technology to ensure a level playing field for all services, as well as the ability to manage and train troops who will serve under the new policy.

The plan will be reviewed by a group of independent experts to ensure that it is “compelling, fair and effective,” the Secret Plan said.

The new plan is set for a public announcement this month, according to the White Board of Directors for the Secret Military Services.

The proposal was approved by the Board in February and the White Helmets are working to complete their first deployment with the USO.

The White Helmet is the name of the United States’ largest humanitarian relief organization that works in Syria, Yemen and Iraq.