How the royal commission on Australia’s schools will help you read this

In his first two years as head of the National Commission for Teachers and Lecturers, Professor Dutton will be responsible for the investigation into Australia’s educational system.

In the years to come, he will be tasked with making recommendations to the government on how to improve teacher qualifications and standards.

He has already been tasked with developing a set of policy recommendations to implement a number of key government policies, including the expansion of school funding and the introduction of new school funding rules.

He is also tasked with recommending a set number of policy changes that will be put to Parliament to be considered by the Parliament before the next election.

There are a number things he will want to look at.

The first issue that Dutton is going to want to examine is how the schools system is operating and how the school system can improve.

“There are a lot of very young children who have not been able to go to school,” he said in an interview with ABC Radio Melbourne.

“There’s a lack of leadership and it’s not just about money, it’s about leadership as well as a willingness to invest in the kids.

We’ve got to make sure that those children can learn, because then the whole world is better for it.”

The education system needs to be a lot better in order for young people to be able to access and use the school systems that are available to them, he said.

The second issue that the commission is going get to is what the schools are doing with young people.

While the issue of young people being excluded from schooling has been around for some time, there has been very little progress on it.

Dutton wants to know what the school education system is doing to get these kids into the classrooms.

That means looking at how young people are getting into education in terms of their skills, their education, and how they are going to be using those skills.

He wants to hear about the schools that are doing a good job of making sure that the kids are getting to school.

And, in fact, he wants to make recommendations to improve the educational experiences for children.

There is a lot that we know about education and we’ve got a lot to learn from this commission.

As he said earlier, he is also looking at ways to improve student performance, and he wants us to see the results of that.

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