How do you help a language-learning student?

A young Spanish speaker is using his smartphone to learn Spanish on the go.

The problem: he can’t do it without using the app.

This app, called La Poder, aims to help the young person with a few words.

But the app’s users aren’t fluent enough to actually translate sentences.

Here are the key points:  La Poder uses a translator to provide translation.

The app uses a dictionary to identify words in Spanish.

A dictionary of Spanish words and phrases.

English speakers can also translate words and phrase in the app, but it’s more likely that they’ll just copy and paste.

The app is currently available for free for people aged 16 and up.

What’s the best way to get Spanish on your phone?

La Padera can translate about 20 million words in the Spanish language, but that’s only about 10% of the words the app is able to identify.

It’s also difficult to teach to a person who’s not fluent in the language, says Javier Barragán, director of bilingual education at the Catalan government.

He says La Paderas best bet is to start learning Spanish with the app itself, rather than using a translator.

You could ask the app to ask the Spanish teacher to translate for you, but Barragáns advice is to take the app with you wherever you go.

How does the app work?

The app uses an algorithm to determine the correct words in each sentence.

When a user types a word, it is translated to the Spanish equivalent of the word in the dictionary.

La Barragaya uses a similar algorithm to translate sentences, but the app uses two separate languages: Spanish and English.

Spanish is used to make sure that the app understands what it is saying, and it also helps the app understand what it’s looking for.

It takes around a minute to complete a sentence in the two languages.

That’s the amount of time it takes to learn the Spanish words in a sentence.

The average time taken is around 15 seconds.

But it could be up to two hours.

So, it’s not always going to take as long to learn a sentence as the app says.

When the user types in a Spanish word, La Barragada uses the English equivalent of that word.

For example, if the user typed in “la”, the app translated it to “la barra”.

It can also help a person to learn how to use the app and translate sentences in other languages, but there are some problems.

You can’t use the Spanish app to translate an entire sentence, but you can use it to translate a part of a sentence to the same meaning.

For instance, if a person types in “siguiente”, the La Barrageaya app translated “siegentes”.

For people who can’t speak Spanish, there are apps that let them translate sentences from a list of Spanish-language words.

Some of those apps have translations for every word in a language.

But those apps can be a little confusing to use.

The La Barraca app is different.

It lets you choose which words to translate from a menu of more than 30,000 words.

Some Spanish-speaking people use a Spanish dictionary.

But if the app can’t understand a sentence, it will say something like, “Siguiante para el último” instead of “síndo el ôltimo”.

That means the sentence is missing a Spanish element.

It is important to understand that the phrase “sía de la barra” means, “My car is parked in front of my house”.

This is different from “sís” which means “your car”.

You can also choose the Spanish version of a word in La Barrapa, but this will not translate a sentence into Spanish.

What you can’t translate La Barraga’s app does is translate a whole sentence into English.

In order to do this, the app will first have to identify the sentence.

Once it’s identified, the Spanish translation will be translated into English and then it will be used in the sentence as a translation.

This is called the grammar of the sentence, or the grammatical construction.

While it may be easier to just type the word “la” and see what the app translates, there is another way of doing this.

If the user type “la,sínto”, the English translation will automatically be used instead of the Spanish one.

This means that La Barra can be used to translate the sentence without having to ask for the translation.

What is the cost?

It costs around €4.50 to use La Barrabaya.

However, it can be more expensive than that if you plan to pay for the app when it launches later this year.

There is a free trial available now. It costs €4 per month and you’ll need to download and install La Barraf