Galileo Educational Services in Florida shuts down over unpaid bills

The Sun Educational Services (SES) in Galveston, Texas, has shut down for the day after it had more than $8,000 in unpaid bills, a spokesman for the company said.

“The company is currently in the process of receiving payments from several creditors, and we have not received any payment,” said Jim Tompkins, SES’ president and CEO.

“We will have a further update as soon as possible.”

The company is the largest of Galvestor educational services providers in the US, serving approximately 20,000 students.

SES has been in financial trouble since late February, when it ran into financial troubles due to its massive expansion to a new campus and a new system of paying students for their attendance at the schools.

The company has been struggling to pay back student loan debt for years, owing more than US$10bn in back taxes, penalties and interest.

“SES is in bankruptcy and we are struggling to keep the doors open,” said SES student educator and educator advocate and former Florida State University student activist, Rachel C. Smith.

“If they don’t do this, it’s going to be very difficult for SES to keep this place open.”

A former Galvestonian student activist and educator, Smith is now a former Florida legislator and member of the Florida State Board of Education.

She said she believes the closure is part of a larger effort by the school to consolidate operations.

“This is not about SES or their debt.

Ses operates on the campus of Galveo Christian Academy, which opened in 2004. “

I think they have a lot of pressure on them to shut down and not pay students and make them take out loans,” Smith said.

Ses operates on the campus of Galveo Christian Academy, which opened in 2004.

The school is home to more than 50,000 children and their parents, and it serves more than 6,000 other students, according to its website.

It offers classes from preschool through grade 12.

The closure is being handled by the Galvestonic Association of Schools and Colleges.