Education services drop as enrollment falls in Florida

EdVista Educational Services has dropped its enrollment numbers in Florida, dropping by 7,000 students from its first-quarter enrollment of more than 3 million to just 2,000.

The company’s revenue fell by $4 million, or 11 percent, to $1.7 billion.

EdVistas total revenue for the year fell by 18 percent, or $4.4 million.

The drop comes as enrollment in Florida has been falling and some schools have seen students leave or drop out amid budget cuts and budget delays.

EdVista Education Services announced last month that it would close two schools in the state, including two in Lakeland.

It also cut more than 5,000 positions in its Florida office, with more than 7,400 people laid off.

Meanwhile, EdVistas parent company, Alcoa, has seen revenue fall by $1 billion to $5.6 billion from its third-quarter revenue of $12.3 billion.

It was unclear whether the drop in enrollment would have a material impact on its future, but EdVists CEO Paul Dixon told CNBC in January that it was an issue.

He said he expected that the company would be able to maintain a steady revenue growth rate, but that it is a challenging time for its parent company.

EdVistans revenues declined by $3.9 billion in the fourth quarter.

A+ Education Services, which provides educational services to low-income students, saw revenue decline by $5 million, to nearly $2 billion.

It reported a profit of $3 million, but declined by almost $2 million in the quarter.