Barristers Educational Services sued over lack of transparency

A barristers legal services organization is suing the state of Texas over the state’s lack of open records laws, claiming that the state has been “stealing” its employees’ business and that they have been forced to pay for it.

The group filed the suit Thursday in U.S. District Court for the District of Texas, accusing the Texas Attorney General’s Office of misappropriating its employees salaries and assets.

The attorney general’s office has not responded to requests for comment.

“The Texas Attorney Generals Office has taken steps to systematically target and intimidate our barrister attorneys, threatening, threatening to prosecute, threatening and intimidating our barrio attorneys, and using all the resources available to it to conduct investigations and prosecutions,” attorney general Pam Bondi said in a statement to The Associated Press.

“That is a direct violation of the public trust.

Our barrisers are not being paid, our staff are not receiving a fair share of the revenues generated from the litigation, and our staff, clients and clients are being targeted, intimidated and threatened by the Attorney General.”

In a statement, Bondi’s office said the lawsuit seeks damages for the “physical and emotional distress” the barriser’s family suffered when the Attorney Generics office threatened them with prosecution, the “mental anguish” they endured, and the “reputation of the office.”

The office has been sued before by a similar legal services group.

The lawsuit says the Attorney Gen’s office “violated the public interest by intentionally misappropriated the barrios’ confidential business information, and then failed to promptly disclose to its barrio members the scope of the misuse.”

The lawsuit was filed in Texas Attorney Gen. Ken Paxton’s office on behalf of Barrisers Educational Services, the attorney general-designate for Barriser Ed.

The office was created by former Texas Gov.

Greg Abbott in 2014 to provide education services for Texas children, adults and the elderly.

The Texas Attorney Group’s attorneys said the office is not a barrio organization and does not collect salaries or any other benefits.

The Attorney General has “used the power of the state to harass and intimidate the Barrisercs lawyers and staff,” according to the suit.

“This is an abuse of the power the attorney-general enjoys to use the Attorney-General’s office to harass, intimidate and harass,” attorney David Levenson said in the statement.

“These actions are both reckless and dangerous.

They threaten the independence of the AttorneyGeneral and threaten the integrity of the attorney services program.”