Australian government proposes $9.2 billion to upgrade infrastructure in Kedron

Kedrosian is a town of just 1,300 people in central Victoria, about 40 kilometres south of Melbourne.

It’s about a half hour drive from the capital city, but is less populated than many suburbs in Victoria.

“We’ve got no schools, no community centres,” says Tim Kesten, the town’s mayor.

The town has been under-funded by the state for years.

It has been cut off from the rest of Victoria by a $3.8 billion road project.

“It’s an area that’s been cut down to the point that we can’t do much to provide services and to sustain services,” he says.

“And so the money is needed to really build and upgrade infrastructure.”

It will be funded through a combination of funding from the Commonwealth and private developers.

“I’m quite happy with that,” says Mr Kestensaid.

“But if we need to increase the cost of delivering services to the town, that would be the first thing that comes to mind.”

The town was also the site of a deadly road crash in January 2017, when a cyclist was killed when he collided with a semi-truck on a narrow section of road.

In the aftermath, Mr Kestsaid said he was encouraged by the response from local community groups, including the Victoria Bicycle Association.

“The response from our community groups was very positive,” he said.

What happens if funding isn’t enough? “

There were people who had a very strong view that the government should invest in infrastructure, and the people who said that were really supportive of that, as well.”

What happens if funding isn’t enough?

Mr Kiesten says if the government doesn’t find the funding to upgrade the town he will consider looking at other options.

“In a way, we’re just sitting here trying to figure out how to fund what we’re going to do,” he explained.

“At the end of the day, the money that we need for this, we just have to put it in.”

The Victorian government will be making a decision on funding the town in June.

A spokesman for Minister for Education and Skills Matthew Guy said the department would “make a decision as to the future of the Kedronsi project at a later date”.

The department will be looking at a number of options, including “all options including the possibility of the town having a private sector partner” and possibly “potential public sector partner”.

He said the town had “a strong history of infrastructure investment” and that “the town will continue to receive funding for the Kenedroni project”.

He declined to comment on the details of what the town would need to invest in.

‘They are very much a local community’ “There are local people who are part of this community and are really supportive and they are very passionate about their community,” he added.

“This project has a lot of support, and that is really the only way that we’re able to make it work.”

The project is expected to be completed by 2021.

“Kedroni has always been a community that is not in the spotlight,” Mr KESTEN said.

“[But] there are very strong local people here who are supportive of it.”

The government has also funded a $2.5 million project to upgrade some of the roads in the town.

Local residents are disappointed by the lack of support from the federal government, but support for the project has also been strong.

“My sense is that we have not had a great response from the Federal Government, but we’re really happy with the way that they have responded,” Mr Karsten said.