Alberta education system aims to provide inclusive education services

LEAFS education services are currently available in Alberta.

The province announced plans to roll out inclusive education in early 2019.

“The province is moving ahead with inclusive education with the intent to provide the best possible education experience for Albertans.

We will work closely with our partners to ensure that Albertans benefit from this important change in our education system,” Alberta Education Minister Doug Horner said in a statement.”

This will provide Albertans with access to a full range of inclusive education offerings, from primary to secondary, and from high school to university, at no cost.”

Horgan said the province will continue to support organizations that work with students and families, including the National Association of Student Services.

The provincial government says it will offer inclusive education to Albertans who live in remote communities.

The province said it will roll out the new services over three years, and that it will be delivered to the province’s public schools, and to school boards across the province.