A year on, the 2017-18 season still has plenty to be excited about

A year has gone by since the season ended, and that means we’ve had plenty of time to get hyped up for what the 2017 NBA Draft and Free Agency will look like in the next few months.

But if you’re looking for a full rundown of all the key storylines to keep an eye on heading into the summer, here are five things to watch for as the 2017–18 NBA season nears its conclusion.1.

How will the 2018-19 season unfold?

With a record of 11-5 in the playoffs, the Los Angeles Clippers are the clear favorite to win the 2018–19 NBA title.

With a chance to add to the Clippers championship lead with another top-four seed, the Lakers have been linked to several top prospects.

However, the fact that the Clippers have been able to get some key pieces for free during free agency, such as Kevin Love, is something to keep a close eye on.

While it’s possible that the Lakers could make the first round of the NBA Playoffs, the best way to do so is to make a deep run.

That’s the way the Lakers would like to see it go, and the only way they’re going to do it is if they get to the Finals.

The next big question for the Lakers is whether they can make a run in the conference finals, and whether they’ll have a chance against the defending champion Cleveland Cavaliers.

If they do make it, they’ll likely have to contend with the reigning Eastern Conference Champions Atlanta Hawks.

While the Los Angles might not be the team to beat in the Western Conference, they’re still the most likely team to contend for a championship.

The Lakers have a clear shot at the championship, but there’s still a lot of uncertainty surrounding their roster.

With a roster that could include Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, DeAndre Jordan, Blake Griffin, and Paul George, there’s a lot to look forward to heading into next season.

The second biggest question for LA is whether or not they’ll be able to land a second-round pick in next summer’s draft.

If the Clippers draft a point guard or a wing, it would be a major coup for the team, as the Clippers would potentially be able select someone like Isaiah Thomas or Kristaps Porzingis with the pick.

However at the same time, if they go after a player like Andrew Wiggins, they might be stuck waiting on a big man to fill their needs.

If that happens, the Clippers could look to acquire a top-five draft pick, but the Celtics have been rumored to be interested in Wiggins.

The biggest question heading into this season will be how well Los Angeles can fill out their frontcourt with the addition of Paul George.

The 6’6″ power forward is expected to make $16 million this year, and is coming off of an All-Star season with the Cleveland Cavaliers, but it’s hard to see the Clippers coming close to the Lakers cap space.

The only way the Clippers will be able add George is by trading him or by trading players like Al Horford and Jahlil Okafor.2.

Can the Pelicans keep their winning streak alive?

If the Clippers don’t win the NBA Finals next season, they will likely have an uphill battle to keep their franchise winning streak going.

Last season, the Pelicans were a respectable 23–18 in the regular season, and only went 6–11 in the postseason.

While the Pelicans have a good record this season, it will be interesting to see if their playoff record helps or hurts the team’s ability to stay competitive.

In addition, the Warriors were the clear favorites to win their first title since 1988, but their win total was less than the Pelicans.

If it’s the Warriors that win the title, the only reason the Pelicans won’t be the favorite is because they’re playing the Warriors in the NBA finals.3.

Who’s the best team in the East?

If this was a year to focus on a single franchise, the Atlanta Hawks would be the obvious pick.

Atlanta has been a juggernaut of late, and with the acquisition of Paul Millsap, Paul Millsavious, and Al Horace Mills, the Hawks have the pieces needed to win a title.

The Hawks are also the only team to have a team leader in Paul Millsaps name, which could mean a lot.

However if Atlanta makes the playoffs or goes to the NBA’s Finals, there will be a lot riding on this year’s team.

The Atlanta Hawks are a team with a lot on their plate this summer.

While they have a lot left to accomplish, they won’t make the playoffs without a big push.

If Atlanta is going to win, it’s going to have to come through the help of one of its stars, and if the Hawks don’t do it, it won’t have a future.

The Los Angeles Lakers have the potential to go deep in the top half of the East, but if they’re not able to